Design an interior ladder

Design your ladder like a pro.: 

  1. Select from three ladder assemblies, hook, sliding or telescoping sliding  

  2. Choose step finishes, wood or stainless steel which can be powder coated  

  3. choose the dimensions that fit your space

Learn about the options

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Hook which may be purchased with wood or stainless steel steps, allows the ladder to utilize multiple rails, perfect for use in the closet, pantry, wine cellar home office or anywhere you want to put a rail for the ladder to securely hook onto.


Sliding is available with wood or stainless steel steps, the wheels at the top allow the ladder to slide on (1) pre-mounted rail.

Telescoping Sliding

Telescoping Sliding may be purchased with wood or stainless steel steps allows the ladder to slide on (1) pre-mounted rail and telescope to a vertical position for storing.

Additional options available


Ladder Assemblies

Ladder assemblies include the ladder with steps

Prices include a 4 Ft. (48") rail.


Rail Lengths

Ladder assembly prices include a 4 Ft. (48") rail.

Alternate or additional rail lengths are available from 2 Ft. (24") - 12 Ft. (144")



Frequently asked question

Selecting a ladder 

Each ladder suites a different project need.  For a space where established rails cannot be installed (perhaps cabinets are already existing) Leaning ladders should be considered.  When you are trying to access multiple locations, perhaps a closet with shelves on opposite sides of the room, a Hook ladder has been designed for just this type of application.  Simply read the descriptions on each model and narrow down what is important to achieving your design.

What is your return policy?

Where are the ladders manufactured?

Purchasing through Bartels you can be confident that you are getting a genuine MWE Interior Ladder which has been designed and engineered to maximize the function of a room.  Each ladder is carefully hand assembled ensuring the end result is better than imagined thanks to German engineering and manufacturing.

How to assemble & install?

Since all products are custom and include careful consideration, a ladder and the accessories are non-returnable.  Orders placed on this e-commerce site will be followed up with complementary drawings for your final approval, if at this time you wish to cancel you may a a full refund will be provided.

Available finishes

Please note that due to screen resolution and monitor settings, the color/ finish options shown may very slightly from the finished product provided. The sample swatch shown is for viewing purposes only and not intended to be an exact representation of the product.

Terms & Conditions

Shipping options

All ladders are supplied un-assembled for shipping purposes (see "how to assemble & install) Items will ship within 4-5 weeks to the delivery address you'll provide.  Items ship via FedEx Ground.  

By selecting to purchase through you are consenting to the terms and conditions

Limited Warranty

All ladders have a (2) year warranty. 
Download the full warranty

Still have questions? Get in touch, we’re happy to help.



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